Financial careers in Spain

Hey, I’m considering moving to Spain (as an English speaker with intermediate Spanish, ready to pick it up quickly) Which cities (apart from Madrid) would you consider to be a good choice for a financial career? Not talking about huge bucks, but still good money and interesting lifestyle.


Hey Rad, I’ve thought about this myself as I studied abroad in Spain in college and have some friends that just moved there. Have you looked into jobs anywhere? I’ve found it to be difficult to get approval to move and find work if you don’t have a company sponsor. I think possible ways could be to attend graduate school there or try and get a job here with a presence in Spain and look to transfer. Have you looked into this at all?

Wouldn’t one of the emergings like Mexico or Chile or even Argentina be more exciting for a Spanish speaker of finance??

I didn’t look into any job possibilities so far, but my friend got a nice entry level job just by being interviewed over the phone. My good situation is that as an EU citizen job permit is not necessary, but I don’t think that’s a big problem for s’one speaking spanish. Of couse it’s better to look out for a job while in Spain. Anyway, I think that getting some exp. in Spanish market and learning the language means a lot esp. when you consider future emerging markets like Central or South America. This means your home country may be welcoming in terms of job offers after working a few years in Spanish environment. So, returning to the question - what are other cities with financial jobs?

I don’t know first hand, but probably Barcelona since it’s in the wealthiest region of the country. I visited there last August and it was a really cool city and a short flight from Ibiza. Look out for the pick-pockets guys in the La Rambla area though. I had two separate guys try to rob me in the same night!!

I love Barcelona, but I don’t know how the asset management opportunities are over there.

The thing about Barcelona - it’s bilingual, which means you can have some problems when speaking Spanish/English only. Or can you do without Catalan and handle everyday situations while in Barcelona? Is it oficially Catalan only, or bilingual? Is Spanish the language for youth, in bars, on the plazas etc?

if anyone just stumbles on a few hundred mil and wants to start a fund in spain or something, COUNT ME IN. i’d move there in a second. madrid is such a fun city.