Financial haiku

Financial chaos Dow down three hundred Miss my mommy too

I thought Haiku was 5-7-5 Isn’t this 5-5-5

depends on how you say dow and down. da-oh, da-own

S&P craters Goodbye condo, and hello Empty cardboard box

My friend wrote a great haiku a couple of years ago (nonfinancial though): ninety-nine bottles of beer on the wall, ninety- nine bottles of beer

My account, slipping Slowly into a still night. No margin calls, though.

201Ks are here. Investors living full of fear. Whammy!

this morning i saw DOW down five hundred. i threw up in my mouth. twice.

Dickie Fuld was a real maestro of a gang of Wall Street sheisters. Nothing beats golfing in Bahamas.