Financial job with engineering background

Hi everyone, I have a serious question, please give me any adivce, comments and stories of anyone‘s experiences.

Recently, I have really been motivated for financial job so I have registered CFA lv 1 exam June 2020. But I dont have any finance background such as degree or working experience. So How do you guys think about my situation? Would the related financial companies give an opportunity to a person who dont have any background? I am worrying that I could not get the opportunity for the 4 years work experience to finalize CFA.

I have computational civil engineering master degree and currently doing Phd in engineering. My plan is to finish Phd degree and, meanwhile, to pass all levels of CFA examination. So, If I pass all levels then would it be possible to get a job?

Engineers get jobs in finance more often than any other field I’ve seen. If you can code, you can go to any quant shop. If you can’t, fundamental shops still love engineers. They just make good investment professionals. I’d be willing to bet with a PhD and CFA you’d be unemployed for approximately 0 hours.

" I’d be willing to bet with a PhD and CFA you’d be unemployed for approximately 0 hours."

Let me be unconfused. Is the sentence mean that you are sure I can be employed in finance field with Phd and CFA?

(If it is yes, it really motivates me.)

Thank you in advance

That’s what he means.

I also curious about what you are thinking. :slight_smile:

If you are in the S.Korea market, then yes and probably yes for other countries as well… Actually, many people know finance but they don’t know the engineering stuff. That being said, if you have a finance supporting background(i.e., cfa), front offices prefer to employ ppl that knows engineering, medical, IT etc.

The real problem is, can you do both (phd, cfa) and get a charter after fulfilling 4 years of work experience…

I think the question here is not IF you can get a job in finance (most certainly yes), but whether it is your dream job.

I would like to be working in the core of the company, not in the front as marketer. What do you think? Do south korean companies let employees with engineering background to work in the front?

Thank you. Yes, It is my dream job, I am determined.

From my experience seeing a lot of colleagues with engineering background, they have successfully developed their career in all kinds of financial institutes. Their engineering background helps them understand the industry not only by numbers which boosts their value. So if you are capable of (i) passing the CFA exam, (ii) getting 4 yrs work experience, I would say go for it.

One thing is that if you deem the above conditions can be fulfilled in your late 30s, say 38,39, then it would be a bit difficult to land a job since that age’s position is a manager position where the recruiters wants someone who has actual industry experience.

By the way, in order to get the condition (ii), I have to get a job in the finance sector.

Do you think the condition (i) would help me to get a job in finance sector?

Possible to land a job as an analyst for starters. There are other ways to fulfill that condition, i.e., business development. I was also qualified for 10 years experience for making financial models, conducting project financing and involving in investment decision making process. You don’t necessarily need to be in the Big 4 firms.

thank you so much. Could you let me know your email? so that I could contact you in person if the process regarding my cfa exam and Phd works out and makes some progress. With this thread post, you could remember me. Also, probably I would like to discuss my career and receive help from you.

Don’t know whehter I can be of any help but plz refer to your private message.