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Most practicing risk pros think that they are equal for entry-level risk jobs. Lots of risk management is about where you’ve been a professor.

why do academics try to congregate around RM and not anywhere else? i suppose they would have a bigger place in fin. engineering.

  1. Risk management is much bigger than financial engineering (how many financial engineers does the world need anyway?) 2) Risk management is evaluative in a similar way as teaching. 3) There are lots of tough academic type problems in RM 4) Wall St thinks that Ph.D. professor types are not good traders for no reason other than everyone can come up with a few who are not

my risk management professor at was a former Risk manager at goldman sachs (MIT Math PH.D)

Joey, What kind of company did you work for? FoF, hedge fund, etc?


Did you do any work on risk of portfolios of strategies, not just portfolios of underlying instruments?

A lot. It’s my thing. Why?

I’d like to talk to you more about it. I’m not sure if this forum would be the right place for that. What do you think? I work for a FoF as a quant and I have a very broad job description. My current focus is in performance persistence research but I work on a large range of problems. One of them is better defining risk of a portfolio of hedge funds (or traders or strategies). I like learning about approaches others are using, especially practitioners from academia because they understand mathematics and real world problems and, therefore, come up with more applicable approaches. Which risk measures do you use? Which ones do you find more applicable?



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Joey, I don’t know how to find your email, so I hope you can shoot me an email.

Joey, I sent you an email. Look forward to hearing from you …