Financial Modeling, 3rd Ed - Simon Benninga

Hi All, I was wondering if any of you had any thoughts about this text (link to Amazon below). Is this a good text from which I can learn how to construct financial models? If not, do you have any suggestions? Thanks very much in advance for your assistance. K

Recommended often on AF.

Thanks, do you know if there is a big difference between 2nd and 3rd editions?

good book, tons of errors between the examples and images (the book could have used an experienced editor)

I’ve been working my way through the 3rd Ed. and its very good in terms of content. However I’m a learn by example type of person and the errors are frustrating

Agree on the errors. However, I found it very helpful. Depends on what your objective is - if it’s excel applications - yes, go for it. It has very basic models, and expands on various excel and VBA functions. Won’t recommend to use it exclusively though. You should use the book on Valuation by Copeland (McKinsey), and Damodaran along with Benninga.

Very simple book; doesn’t have much *real* content except for Excel VBA section.

Thank you everyone for your valuable feedback. I’ll purchase this book to start, and I’ll look into Valuation (Copeland) and Domadaran on Valuation.