Financial modeling and CFA

There is this financial modeling course offered by edupristine in partnership with BSE India. I just wanted to know how well does it compliment CFA or will it be redundant?

Edupristine is a bunch of hacks… they got laughed out of this forum.

Lol, I did not know that. Still, what about a Financial Modeling course in general?

I bought a book and will take the Breaking into Wall Street courses after L2 this june to increase my modeling from “I kind of did a shitty one once” to ok hopefully.

I am strong in excel, just lack the know how to do it. General thought on most boards is CFA teaches you the theory needed, but not how to put it into action.

That was helpful, thanks Yayyywork.

Not that I’ve done either Breaking into Wall Street or Wall Street Prep financial modelling course, they seem to get a decent write up and decent reviews so you could do worse than have a quick look at either of those.

Also if you can get your hands on the book “Financial Modelling” by Simon Benninga I’d highly recommend that!

BIWS is quite good, regularly updated, and a lifetime membership or something.

This is actually the book I purchased. Got one version back from the current, brand new book for like $25 so you can have it for pretty cheaply. Will probably hit this harder along with BIWS after the L2 exam, but it seems very well done.

Thanks guys, these sugestions seem to be great.

I checkouted BIWS and Wall Street Prep, they seem to be good but a bit expensive. Also the Benninga book seems to be awesome and extremely comprehensive. I am definitely buying the book not sure about the courses. Thanks for the suggestions.

I had another related question. If I just learn modeling from the book how do you represent it on your CV? Do you make reports and mention them or you just mention that you are skilled in financial modeling and leave the explaining for the interview? or some other way ?

If I take a course like BIWS, I will get a certificate to certify my knowledge and skills. But if I just learn it from a book, I really have nothing to show for it. I ask because I have learned a lot of econometrics from independent reading and taught myself R language to make various models while learning. The only thing mentioned about this in my CV is that I am profecient in R.

Any help is appreciated.