Financial modeling tips and what to know

Hey guys

Congrats to all those who cleared…I too got through…now I want to build my resume and get more core skills like Financial Modeling aced up…can anyone share any resources and tips on how to get the right stuff and logical explanation on all…

Also guys can you comment on any other skills required to enter IB or PE in the current state…

Wallstreet prep has a nice modeling and valuation course. Goes through everything all the way to DCF and builing depreciation waterfalls. May be a little pricey but once you buy it, you have access to it for life. Well worth it.


Sorry man, but unless you got into a 2-3 year analyst program out of undergrad, breaking into IB is going to be challenging. PE? Impossible, unless you go for small regionals.

By the age of ~24/25, if you haven’t mastered Excel modeling (operating, comps, LBO, accretion/dilution, etc.), have gone through a common 1-2 year analyst program, then you’re in real trouble for trying to break into those fields.

CFA will not help you there.