Financial modeling youtube videos?

any suggestion of a free youtube video series on financial modeling?

this course seems to cover modeling, albeit econometrics.

That’s Mark Thoma. He’s pretty good, although goofy in that professorial way (I am sometimes this way, but not to his extreme). I watched a few of these to brush up on a few points a while back.

u dnt use torrentz,do you?

this is not youtube but they have some free video courses (better in my opinion).

That’s awesome, thanks for sharing!

BOOM! Free modeling course through Wharton.

are these coursera courses actually any good?

This is a great site:

I’ve taken a few - the ones I took for R were pretty bad but this one looks promising.

My friend actually took a financial modelling course at CFI as well and loved it:

She said its actually the same people as MDA Training who do a lot of wall street bank training, so pretty good value.

yeh CFI looks awesome, i’m planning to take one soon. A simple is good but very basic.

Did you took CFI training ???

If I were you, I wouldn’t hold my breath for a response on a 3-year-old thread.

We used to discuss finance on AF now it is bidets, snakes, and one night stands

Looks great. Thanks for sharing