Financial Modelling course by EDUPRISTINE ???????? it it good

I just ordered the premium package financial valuation/modeling course from Wall Street prep last week…seems good so far…there’s a current deal for $400, its usually $500. Haven’t heard of edupristine course but the WSP course you might want to look into, a bunch of companies use them

IMO Breaking Into Wall Street prep is amazing I bought it a year ago and when they add new courses i get stuff for free. Its really good. WSP is good too but i havent used it.

Even I am planning to join Financial Modelling course from edupristine. As I have did some survey and have really got some nice review regarding this… Yes vicky it will start July 1st week of July

Hey vicky am not bro wink where in India is it 22nd here in blore it’s batch starting from 1st week of July also are you taking both the models or single one

Ooh oki Delhi may be blore dates are different. Actually it’s nice you will be done before results are out and il be still into it even after results. Actually after exams I feel so unoccupied without books and studies

i took bothmodels. I am 0 in excel sad

Course is good na as it costed be 20k yar

Vicky even I was not par at exel but since I do MIS and SWIFT reports I am now better in exel and off ourse not an expert though I feel it’s not tough but you will be fine if you use it daily. Yes I know it’s here they are charging some 22k for 6 week class. Did you check there site they have lot of models they look good to me

khan are u in sooraj sir linedin network. I wanna talk to you regarding job search

I took the wall street prep modeling course and founded really boring!!! the video instructor was this young dude and put me to sleep a couple of times!!! Caveat: this was in 2010, they may have uped their game!

Check out Hamilton Lin - Wall street training courses!

I’ve also taken training the streets and while I really liked the guy teaching the course… 1 week is not enough to learn the material!!!

I have a friend who is an expert modeler and I wish he taugh classes… I’ve seen his models and they are the most robust, clean sexy looking things i have ever seen!!!

I wish i could model like him.

I attended the EduPristine’s training on Financial Modeling. Although, I was good at creating financial models, I decided to attend the training. The course was a perfect refresher for me and I even managed to learn a few new tricks. I can definitely say that I am an expert in Excel now.

EduPristine provides quality training at affordable rates. I learnt a lot of shortcuts and how to build financial models. The trainer was knowledgeable and conducted the sessions in a fine manner. Their customer service is fantastic as well. This course is recommended for sure.

Financial Modelling Courses offered by are really good

The financial modelling team out there teaches the course using real life listed company

Can you please tell us how exactly their Financial Modelling Course works ?