Financial modelling question from Benninga

hi AFers i am reading Benninga-Financial Modelling 2nd Ed. On pg 32 there is a graph plotted using data points in an excel sheet. the graph is used to calculate the Beta for abbott labs. i tried the same on my excel sheet here but did not get the same solution. if anyone can solve it on an excel and fwd it to me on ‘aquabu at gmail’ i would be grateful. thanks again.

not that this exactly answers your question, but you may find it interesting to look at a model for ABT that i sent around a while ago. oldmonk uploaded it to the weblink below. i had no idea that this was in the benninga book but it’s starting to make sense why people on this forum are so curious about Abbott Labs.

the file is not available there. can you mail me if you have it with you. my mail id is there in my first post. thanks numi.