Financial Modelling with Excel - Choice of programmin language

Beside VBA, what programming language would you recommend for financial modelling with Excel? What are you using? I am getting frustrated when a VBA project gets bigger VBA lacks of support of object-orientations, strong data type, code protection… Or should I give up Excel completely? I like Excel’s charting and presentation capabilities.

VBA is the only language you can use to program Excel. Unless you want to write DLLs/XLLs to use as functions but I am not sure that’s what you are getting at. VBA is object oriented and you can protect your code by password protecting the module. It’s true that the language is not strongly typed. For real financial modeling like monte carlo etc, people use Matlab, C++/C#, java etc. you can always use one of these languages then export your results to Excel.

Use lisp

How about VSTO? For DLL/XLL development, what resources ( would you recommend?