Financial Modelling with Excel

I’m looking for some recommendations on financial modelling theory and application in Excel to complement the Wall Street Prep program. I’m specifically looking for material on pro-forma financial statements and equity valuation. Did a search on here and came up with: Benninga’s “Financial Modelling - 3rd Edition”. Looks great but the corporate finance section is one part of the book on other subjects like option pricing and bond valuation. Benninga’s “Priniciples of Finance with Excel”. How much does this differ from Financial Modelling? Benninga’s “Corporate Finance: A Valuation approach”. Looks to be right on the money but a little older. How does this compare with the Damodaran’s “Damodaran on Valuation?” Does the information overlap in the two books? Damodaran’s “Investment Valuation: Tools and Techniques to Value Any Asset.” Looks to be similar to Benninga’s Financial Modelling. Are there Excel examples? I hear all Benninga’s books worth it and build off each other. Want a secondary opinion on all of this. Haven’t heard much on the Damodaran books. Thanks.

An ex-colleague of mine wrote I’ve never met anyone who has read it, but it has made it to a second edition so must be ok. I’m fairly confident it will teach the basic ideas well, but may not focus too much on equity valuations. However, the basic Excel skills are more important in my opinion.

just throwing it out there, although I suspect its similar to your wall street prep


i have em all, get em all.

In my opinion the Benninga books are quite general in nature when it comes to modelling, especially if you have some basic knowledge already (not saying it is a bad book). Haven’t found any good excel books really and have been reading a few. For valuation concepts I think the classic Valuation-Measuring and managing the values of companies is ok.

WSP and benninga. get em all. damadoran too

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