Financial modelling

Any suggestions for good ONLINE courses on financial modeling for companies and / or books? Thank you, Azad, Sri Lanka

There are some decent ones out there that teach you how to do modeling fairly well. That being said, I haven’t found one that teaches you how to build the supporting schedules very well. For example, with the depreciation schedule, they always keep it very simple and keep depreciation at a percentage of revenues. With the debt schedule they always assume there is only one form of debt that has the same interest rates and it matures all on the same date while ignoring capital leases and revolvers… Youtube has a few good videos, but again they don’t teach the supporting schedules very well.

^ I think Damadoran has some models that incorporate what you’re saying.

Damadoran has a model for EVERYTHING. Value of a brand name premium is one of my favorites.

Thank you! I’ll check him out… I really want to learn how to build a more advanced debt schedule that will allow me to break out the different kinds of debt a company may have and have it calculate something like “if the debt isn’t due this year then pay X balance and if it is then pay full balance” or something of that nature.