Financial Modelling

how much would you be willing to pay to learn how to build a basic financial model if you had no street experience or modelling experience?

Ill teach you

I’m actually thinking of teaching it for some extra $…i’m trying to figure out how much i should charge for such a service. I have a feeling there’s a lot of potential out there to teach…i had the unfortunate experience of joining not only a start up a year ago but a start up PE firm…and found myself at a firm that didn’t do so well leaving me to look for work. with two years of sell-side research, one year at a startup PE firm, an MBA and level III candidate you’d think i could find a job…well, you’d be wrong! thank god its summer soon.

Who’s going to pay for that? I mean the logic if simple, if someone is good at this he would be making money with it and not teaching it. As the saying goes, those who can do and those who can’t teach. Stay away from teaching, it’s a dead end. By the way, I found a way to capture to Roll return of oil futures, an ETF called USO is designed to hold the shortest maturity future and roll over. the question now is what to use to hedge the spot return. Any idea ?

I don’t think you can teach financial modeling through a class…financial modeling is something you learn on the job. There is no substitute.

I disagree - there are a handful of firms that run workshops on it. It wouldn’t be a career, it would be a couple times over the summer to make some money through the lull. I know a guy who makes his living off of it and runs workshops for the big banks, pension plans, and high profile MBA schools.

I agree with teabagger

^LOL Tea Bagger

^ Wow, I just spit my coffee out, that’s awesome. Tea bagger… Strikershank, have you thought about tutoring for Level 1? It’s probably more work, but there might be more demand.

Abbe- hadn’t thought of that…but good call - more work = more demand = more $. not necessarily correct but might be a good call for sure!

Actually I meant it would be more work for you to prepare as a tutor than it would take to leverage what you know about modelling, not that the test is more work => more demand => more $, but you got the idea.

Same thought on tutoring CFA material…I have always wondered how much those schweser instructor makes in those 3 day intense seminar. Click throught powerpoint slides, make few highlight, exam-focused comments. Seems pretty easy.

Not just regular tutoring, but if you do a special one day pre exam prep session in addition - then that’s another chunck of change. There’s an instructor for L3 that’s doing a special one day crunch session (9 to 5 on a saturday) for max of 20 people, $300 per person.

financial modeling is easy. its actually interpreting the results thats hard