Financial Modelling

how much would you be willing to pay to learn how to build a basic financial model if you had no street experience or modelling experience?

$29.95 … not a penny more.

9.99 going going gone

i bid $0

cheap ass bastards! … no wonder you’re broke.

Finanical modelling is not rocket science… All you need to know is understand the link between the 3 fin stats… Hmmzz… maybe i should offer to teach finanical modelling for $100 a pop…

I used to work for a specialist financial modelling company. A bank once offered us two of its employees for free for six months, just so they could learn some financial modelling. So I guess they thought it was worth half their salary. We turned them down though.


ban this jabroni now!

It seems like these financial modeling questions are always coming up on this forum, for anyone that wants some links here are a few (note this is modeling for equity valuation/m&a applications):

free site:


video courses:

there are a ton of other courses out there (you can see people trying to promote their own, most likely sub-par ones on af all the time) but it seems to me like these resources are the best available.

AR = Revenue * AR Days / 365

INV = COGS * AP Days / 365