Financial Modelling

Now that the exams are over I wanted to finally experience and learn financial modeling on excel. Anybody has any resources that they can share

I dont know. My boss and I have an unwritten contract that I can try to learn as much as VBA coding as possible for the next 5 months. As long as I handle my daily tasks.

Look at corporate finance institute…has an online certification certificate…pretty well done and can complete in a few months at your own pace. also affordable.


I have similar plans. Aside from excel VBA/macro stuff, what coding languages does everyone suggest? R, Python?

+1 as well

FMI Website actually has a designation for this and I have registered for it as well. May be worth your while and it is gaining worldwide acceptance

If you want to pursue your career in Data Science and Machine Learning and want to decide between R and Python, then i would recommend Python because of greater community support.

FAST financial modelling standards There is an exam. If you pass, you get “Level 1 Certified”

Corporate finance institute If you pass all the mandatory courses, you get FMVATM certification.

Financial modelling institute This is a newly established institution, which has 3 level of exams. They also give you letters after your name (AFM, CFM, MFM) depending on which level you have passed.

I am Level 1 Certified FAST financial modeller. But FMVATM modelling approach seems more appealing to me. I plan to pass FMVATM certification during this year.

Why do you want to splurge when you can learn these things online for free from various sites??

Hi, I’d like to pass my FMVA course to someone who needs it. I purchased it in the later half of 2019 and finished some courses while I was working for a Big4 firm but I changed my direction to another field so I don’t get to exploit these great prep materials. Let me know if you need it and we can negotiate the price. Thanks and have a good day. Linh