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Just read an interesting article in Portfolio (first time ever bought) and read about Wilmott Magazine. 800 a year subscription (130 per issue!) quantitative-finance community related magazine. Apparently in Nov 2007 Ed Thorp wrote an article “Investing in Hedge Funds.” This is one of the most successful quant manager over past 30 years and the same MIT guy that invented that card counting method in that book “Beat the Dealer.” anyways, seems like an interesting magazine and i wanted to know if anyone on here has seen it and what their thoughts were. apparently people with subscriptions get their issues stolen! lol also, i read The Economist and was wondering what other major publications people in this forum read to catch up on market events, news, and/or research methods.

Wilmott is really cool if you’re into math. $700 for 6 issues is a little pricy for me at the moment but I really enjoy reading the articles for free on their site.

I read WSJ, regularly. I find that FT has the most broad coverage of markets (eg Asian commodities or whatever else you are following). WSJ has the most in-depth articles (although ft’s comments and analysis is pretty good). Economist has gone down hill, but there are still the odd good article.

Online publications: Economist FT WSJ

My main problem I face is choosing what NOT to read. There is so much information and it is so interesting that it could take up every single waking moment of your life. If you simply do a search on AF archives, you could easily be occupied for hours on end!

Institutional Investor FT

WSJ FT Books I think the FT is a much better newspaper than WSJ.

very nice

I like Portfolio. I too just read it for the first time, the Angelo Mozilo issue, and liked it a lot. It doesn’t really focus on anything in particular but I found it interesting. Some good CEO interviews. The subscription is cheap ass hell compared to the $700 magazine you’re talking about.

WSJ, FT, and also Nikkei Net Interactive ( are my favs.

" I think the FT is a much better newspaper than WSJ." Eh… I think WSJ is better if you include the non-print (online only) content.

I like Bloomberg Markets as well. By the way – Absolute Return magazine, 950 UK pounds per year (~$1750 US)