Financial reporting analysis topic tests are nightmare, score in the range of 30 -35%

I am getting low score in FRA i don’t know why i have completed all the blue boxes EOCs and everything but the scores aren’t improving. What is the solution at this moment

develop guesstimation skill

all i can say is go over FRA topic tests 2-3 more times, understanding the reasoning behind each answers

Just do it open book and find new logic, etc.

I scored 44/78 on the 13 TTs. They’re brutal. Unrealistically brutal IMO.

you know what people say about topic tests being harder than the real thing…FRA is the most pronounced version of that.

Econ TTs pretty hard too…doing those tonight

its weird. All of the EOCs seem really straightforward. Mostly testing relationships. and the TTs are just completely something else. A huge jump.

btw is it true that this year’s mock is a combination of last few yrs TTs?

I guessed most FRA

That’s why its difficult to explain answers because I didn’t think that deep

Just knew the answers using common sense

Everyone has different strength so don’t be discouraged people

You all know other topics better so its not the end of the world

FRA TT’s are brutal… scored 59% on them on my first run… Gonna go back and redo them this week and refer to my notes again if needed. This is my lowest subject by far.