Financial Reporting and Analysis Practice

We all know that FRA and Equity Invesments are the two most important sections for the L2. Aside from the examples in the reading and questionbank/passmaster, do you recommend any other resources for more practice? Since I am not an equity analyst I really could use the extra practice in FRA. Non equity analysts are at a huge disadvantage here so the only thing to do is to practice. Any suggestions? thanks

have you done all the EOCs yet? Schweser q-bank or something?

I’m still working on Stalla passmaster although I’m not impressed. Most of the examples themselves are OK although the software is kind of crappy. For example, you cannot save your homework sessions. Anyway, that is another topic… I’m finding that I’m still making silly mistakes and don’t know if I’ll be in shape for June without further more rigorous practice…

thats annoying, why don’t you just do the EOCs?

Listen to AndrewUNH, king of FSA, bettwen me and him we can pass the exam for sure… I will handle most stuff, he will handle FSA. Each man on his own, I guess we will have to see.