"Financial Reporting Quality" notes required

Can anyone please send me “Financial Reporting Quality” notes in FRA from schweser 2015 or 2014 notes? I am finding this topic area to be completely different in CFAI ebooks and schweser 2013 notes. I need to tally the notes. please help

Just buy the schweser notes… problem solved.

yeah i know that would solve the problem real easy but i am in jeddah saudi arabia and have no idea if i can find notes here so easy. Specially if I need pirated copies.

Makes total sense… stealing solves everything.

I’d be willing to bet Schweser would be happy to ship you their notes… especially since they have an e-book version this year.

Just use the CFAI books instead of getting illegal copies.

if copies are in the market with a reasonable institute selling them then y not take advantage of it?

thanx for the advice though… im using cfai till i dont get the latest ones from scheweser. I have ebooks but i want printed ones.

*have cfai ebooks and need schweser printed ones*

So . . . you don’t really abide by the CFA Institute Code and Standards?

expensive option


no need to bullsh*t. Schweser, the CFAI as well as all other companies deliver all their products to Saudi.

:slight_smile: cheap you are

Man oh man. Ethics alive and well. The future of finance is bright.

are you facing any difficulty in that topic ? if so then it could be discussed here and solved …