Find the arrogant guy on this list.

Q2 Conference Call Corporate Participants Nick Laudico – Senior Vice President and Group Leader, Medical Technology William B. Yarmuth – Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer C. Steven Guenthner – CFO, Secretary, SVP & Head-Investor Relations Other Participants Paxton Scott – Research Associate, Jefferies & Co., Inc. Whit Mayo – Senior Research Analyst, Robert W. Baird & Co. Equity Capital Markets Kevin S. Campbell – Vice President & Senior Research Analyst, Avondale Partners LLC Frank G. Morgan CFA, MBA – Analyst, RBC Capital Markets Equity Research Eugene Goldenberg – Associate Analyst, BB&T Capital Markets Ellen Spivey – Research Associate, Stephens, Inc. John Bossler – Advisor, Dominick & Dominick LLC

Lol, nice. Even for a conference call listing this guy is putting CFA, MBA; nice!

Frank Morgan, LOL

P.S. I actually thought it was the guy from Dominick and Dominick first since he was the only “advisor” and I never heard of his firm. But wow, this guy with the CFA/MBA listing on a conference call…that’s tragic.

That is funny! Is he based in Canada, I wonder. In healthcare I have seen people with MD/MBA attached to their names but I attibute this to them a) being doctors and coming from out of industry and b) wanting to show that they have some business background in addition to their medical training.

Poor guy, probably didn’t even put his qualifications there. Most likely someone else did. CEO>CFA>CFA/MBA

I can totally see an MD behind a name. But MBA? really ??

Seems odd… I’d venture that someone else put his name in and stuck those titles in there.

Frank G. Morgan, CFA, joined RBC Capital Markets as a Managing Director in November 2008. Based in Nashville, Tenn., Mr. Morgan’s current research universe is dedicated to facility-based health care services, including acute care hospitals and senior living services, including skilled nursing and assisted living, and a range of specialty service providers, including institutional pharmacies, hospice care, long-term acute care, rehabilitation and behavioral health services. Mr. Morgan has earned recognition as a master stock picker in The Wall Street Journal’s “Best on the Street Analysts Survey” and was named by and Zacks Investment Research as a Blue-Chip Analyst in the medical care sector. Mr. Morgan was named to the Nashville Business Journal’s “Healthcare 100” list for five years. His views on health care have been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Modern Healthcare, Business Week, Forbes, The New York Times, the Financial Times and many other financial publications. He has appeared on national TV and radio programs, including CNBC, Bloomberg Television and Radio, Market Place, as well as National Public Radio’s Mornings Edition and All Things Considered. Mr. Morgan has 23 years’ experience in equity research and investment banking, primarily in health care services. Prior to joining RBC Capital Markets, he was a Managing Director and Senior Analyst at Jefferies & Company, Inc, and was a Partner and Senior Analyst with J.C. Bradford & Co., where he covered facility-based health care services. He previously served as a member of the Alabama State Healthcare Planning and Development Council Certificate of Need review board as well as the State Health Coordinating Council. He holds a B.S. in microbiology and an MBA from the University of Alabama

His experience is impressive, no doubt. But his MBA is from U of Alabama LOL

I was going to guess the Jefferies guy. Oh, Jefferies.

If you’ve ever dialed in to an earnings call (obviously the OP has not), you would know that you only tell them your name and firm. They must have just pulled his credentials from his bio. What is Dominick and Dominick?

Soda Popinski Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > What is Dominick and Dominick? Heard they were a big-time competitor to JT Marlin.


Arrogance stemming from ignorance