Finding new job after only 5 months at current?

What are your thoughts on this. Is " it’s not what I expected" a valuable argument?

doesn’t look good, stay fora year, then move on. Although if it’s that unbearable probably worthwhile moving. I was doing audit, and I hated it and left after 3 months

Like he said… what if the next job you get turns out to suck, then you are looking at 3 jobs within 12 months, and that’s tough to explain in an interview regardless of how good your excuses are. If you are 5 months in then focus on putting yourself in a better position for a better job in 7 months time would me my advice.

I think one stint that is short isn’t too much of a blemish, but serial job hopping is a problem. So if you really are in a “it’s not what I expected” situation, better make darned sure that the next job fits your expectations better (or if you are surprised, it’s a happy surprise). Also think of the economic/job environment before you jump ship. You definitely don’t want to be looking for a job if you don’t absolutely need to right now.