finding value

Where is the best place to look for value concerning equities? P/E,PEG or BTM? Or should one look at DCF analysis? A few have suggested factor analysis

Screens are an inherently shitty way of finding “value.” On a fundamental basis, the vast majority of things are not “value” buys at the moment, given market levels. And the normal value metrics, p/e, dividend yield, p/b, would be the first places “value” investors would look anyways. They’d get snatched up quickly. Modern day “value” which I personally have observed occurs probably most frequently in distressed securities, but it takes a far deeper level of understanding of a business than you could find by simply doing a screen to really appreciate.

You should look places nobody else has yet thought to look.

The others will already have been exploited by the time you get there.

The man himself, s2000. So what relatively unturned rocks would you suggest?

Insider trading. Lol!

FYI, you aren’t going to find value anywhere in these markets, unless they are broken turn-around companies, which may classify more as “deep-value”.

For your average company, P/E may not be the best way to go - it spikes when earnings sink, etc. Start with P/S. I find that to be more useful. P/S should typically follow margin performance over time, so if a company is doing poorly, with lower margins (i.e., a turnaround candidate) it may show up.

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