Finish CFAI FSA textbook, should i read one more round?

I have completed reading through the FSA CFAI textbook, how should i judge whether should i go back and read one more time?

:slight_smile: I love the question…I don’t think it matters if you can judge it or not. Just go back and read it.When…is up to you. It’s FSA. Everyone dies with it…and it’s way too important just to read once. Cheers, Nash

^^nonsense. The only way to judge if you know FSA well enough is to do questions. If you are getting >75% you probably know it pretty well. Just review the areas that you don’t do so well on, or where you guessed and got lucky. Plenty of people learn enough from one full read through, plus targetted reviewing.

Hi aa4f4fsd47, Did you track how much time did it take for you to complete the FSA text book?

If you’re questioning whether or not you should read it then you should probably go ahead and give it another look. I am halfway through my second read and its helped a lot so far.

you should read that badboy at least 3 times