Finished CAIA and thinking about CFA or FRM -Keen to hear from students in similar situation


As the above says, I recently finished CAIA level 2 and earned my charter. I’ll be honest and say it took a lot of time and a lot of study. I failed level 2 twice, but in the end I did very well on it (stronger/higher in everything). I am also a fully qualified accountant.

I have always had a desire to do CFA, so I am well aware of all the benefits of it. I know that there is a lot of hours etc required, I guess one of my main fears is that I will not be good enough to pass it!

I’d be keen to get the opinions of anyone who did CAIA and CFA (especially if you did CAIA first then moved onto CFA), specifically around the difficulty of one compared to the other.

Thanks all, looking forward to some good responses

level one you will be fine,2 and 3 depends how many hours you put in, 400 hours for level 2 will be good , and i mean real study hours.

Thanks for the reply - have you done both yourself? Which did you do first?

I done CAIA in 2015, 500 hours for each level, I did cfa L1 and put in 400 hours, now planing for L2, and I hear L2 is Hard!

500 hours for each level ??? Wow that sounds like an overkill…