Finished MBA - Pre Requisites for CFA

Dear People! :slight_smile:

How r you?

I completed my MBA in Finance in Dubai, and currently in Baltimore

I am thinking of doing a CFA and I would like some advice:

a) How useful it is?

b) What are the pre - requisites for CFA.

Would be great if you all could reply to the above.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


a) It depends.

b) 4 years of work experience (does not need to be in finance) or a 4-year university degree from a recognized institution, or some combination of the previous that adds to four years.

I don’t think there are any requirements, I was accounting major but I didn’t think it was that helpful as the accounting section is more about financial statement anallysis. I’ve seen people with math or science backgrounds pass the exams with flying colors.

a) depends on how useful you find an unlimited supply of models and bottles to be… if you enjoy those things, it’s very useful, otherwise… not so much.

b) Here’s a link to the prerequisites: