finquiz 3 full length mock exams (level 2)

has anyone purchased their 3 full length mock-exams for $80 USD? completed the schweser vol 1&2, about to finish CFAI sample + mock 2012, and have previously done CFAI 2009-2011, so i was just thinking about buying finquiz’s mock.

has anyone tried it? would like to hear some comments before buying.

I’m just finishing it now, its unlike the CFAI (toughest mock) and quite different from Schweser. I’m not gonna say easier, but they are different and so I chose to do them as well as the exams you mentioned above.

If you have the time, I would say buy it. What’s $80 USD in the here and now? An americano at Cova, but you can do without one;)

Are the model answers provided, and do they explain them well?

Yeah, good question, Nodrog. How’s the quality of the explanations provided? Are they good? Do they give reference to the SS or Reading numbers?

Come to think of it, I rather not waste time on 2009 and 2010 mock and samples. All the mocks are pretty much from the previous year’s samples anyway… so I might end up getting the finquiz exams.

Anyone else bought from finquiz and would like to share their thoughts?

would be really interested to hear from anyone re the quality of the explanations

I purchased the exams and find them pretty worthless. The questions are quite different from Schweser and based on my experience last year (Schweser being a pretty good proxy for the actual exam), I didn’t want to continue wasting my time. I also did not find the explanations helpful --> i.e. answers more than intuition.

We don’t have much time, I don’t think spending 6 hours on a mock exam is time well spent right now. While it is good to answer questions that are different it felt more distracting than anything. I would have been better off purchasing the additional mock exams from CFAI for $40 each.

Hope this helps.

ok thanks mjl25 for the feedback. just out of curiosity, did you end up doing all of the 3 mock exams that you purchased from finquiz? or did you just give up on it? i got the sample exams from CFAI, but i have to say, they’re not easy. i was just wondering if i should get more exams.

Hi Ice6006, I didn’t do all of them, I did the first half of the first one, skimmed the second half and decided it was not worth it.

i see, thanks for the info, mjl. now i’m having 2nd thoughts…

Can anyone tell me from where to get the exam papers for CFA Level 2 for 2009-2011??

Thanks mjl


all its worth, I thought Finquiz was good at exposing my weak areas and I don’t mind having gaps in my knowledge exposed. At this point, its whether you want the practice or not. I like the answers because they give you the page number, my job is to figure out the intuition from that.

that’s all I have to say…its up to you to do more questions or not, I’m not gonna proselytize and say you should, for me, I need to do the questions.

thanks for posting back, sam. i just bought them. will start doing them tomorrow. so far, i’ve been doing a ton of schweser exams and i just got CFAI 2012 mock done. don’t really feel like doing the old mocks again, as i might even remember those questions and answers, since i’ve done those before… so at this pt, i’m just looking to try out different sources. then probably make a list of weak areas that i need to improve on during the final week.

hey ice6006, could you let me know what you think once you take exam one? Maybe I didn’t give it a fair shot… Thank you.

sure mjl. will let you know after i’m done with my first exam.

alright so i’ve done the 1st mock exam. AM = 75%; PM = 78%

think it’s pretty good, i mean yes, it covered some left-field topics, and it does seem slightly easier than the mock, but that doesn’t mean it ain’t good. i actually like the fact that it covered some areas that i’m not that familiar with.

some of the topics that i thought was a bit weird include:

  • panel data
  • standard dev of prediction error
  • capital structures in developed markets and emerging markets
  • voting shares affecting stock interest
  • coupon curve duration on a passthrough security
  • collateral and convexity tranches
  • floor value for price amendment in a M&A deal
  • key features of a managed futures fund (hedge fund strategy)

will continue with the 2nd and 3rd one next week. fwiw, i think it’s worth the money.