FinQuiz, Any good?

Seen FinQuiz mentioned fleetingly in a few topics and their study package seems very cheap, I was wondering what peoples opinions are of their material?

I purchased the Schweser self study package for 2016 and have the notes from that and will be purchasing their online review package, but I’m wondering whether FinQuiz could add a good supplement alongside these notes and the CFAI texts.

I wouldn’t recommend FinQuiz. I bought their package for level 2 just for mock exams because it was very cheap. I was pretty disappointed because:

  1. Some of their answers were wrong (I know because I knew the material well enough in L2 to score >70% on all sections)

  2. The mock exams that they offered were overly difficult. Don’t get me wrong. I like the be well prepared, but their exams were so focused on materials that are really not likely to be tested. So I decided not to do the rest of the mocks offered after trying a couple of them. All in all, looking at their mock was a waste of time for me.

Stick to CFAI, EOCs and blue boxes. Schweser is a good enough supplement (I didn’t buy their package but took their mocks for L1 and L2). I thought their mocks were very good and reflective of the difficulty of the exam.

I would recommend Finquiz for its smart summaries, curriculum notes and formula sheet. They are made from the Curriculum is its best advantage. My main reading is the Curriculum and Schweser themselves but I have planned to review with Finquiz (when needed). I have read some Finquiz Essay Formats and they look good.

Agree with Kurtosis2014, the mocks are over-detailed, hard and sometimes the case reading is confusing (made purposely that way to increase difficulty).

Agree with the above comment about Finquiz mocks being useless.

Their smart summaries are ok, but the GoStudy material blows Finquiz out of the water in my opinion.

Finquiz is over the top in terms of difficulty and some of it is really ambiguous. But that’s just my opinion.

Thanks all, I had the GoStudy flashcards last year, and they seemed ok but I didn’t really use them as much as I should have - might go for them over FinQuiz in that case as they are even cheaper and I don’t need the full study notes.

Thanks again for your help

I hated the formula sheet. Spent $20 and never used it much. It was too disorganized and a lot of the formulas were not even in mathematical format. I much prefer the Elan ones (Never used Wiley but I assume they are the same).

I just want to add that FinQuiz has excellent customer service response times. I accidentally ordered Level 1 2017 material instead of Level 3 2017 material. I sent an email explaining the situation and by the next morning they had switched my online materials to level 3.

I agree it is not the best of the best, but for the price I paid I think it deserves the cost.

Schweser books also have formulas at the end, not much elaborated tho.


Their summaries are good … Their Qbank includes a not bad huge variety of Qs with few mistakes…the worst is their practice tests where many Qs are taken from old CFAI tests and tweeked a little bit, yet they are responsive when you email them

Good luck

Thanks all, I purchased the gostudy guides for now and have been through the cram guide, which seems to have triggered a lot of the information I revised for last year.

I might revisit FinQuiz in the future for the cheaper Q-bank than Schweser but will see how things go.


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