FINQUIZ - anyone used them?

I’m working through their 4059 questions, at about 2250 right now, and am averaging 78%. I find them useful, as they test the whole curricula, but they will ask questions on really remote stuff that can throw you. And, their English is poor. Has anyone had an experience using them? Thus far, I actually find them much better than QBank, which I used last year, and (obviously) didn’t pass.

How are they better than QBank?

I was interested in signing up with FinQuiz, but my schedule didn’t allow for it. Do they use vignette style questions?

PROS: They test the entire curriculum. QBank does not really, rather it tests only what Schweser thinks will be on the curriculum. How many people here know how to treat contingent considerations in an Acquisition (e.g. initial reporting & subsequent reporting). Unless I’m mistaken, QBank does not address that. CONS: Not incredibly professional. Some questions are duplicates. English can be poor (like using the word “value” when they mean “cost”).

Not sure the pro is that much of a pro. Schweser usually gets this right… Personally, I dont need 4000 questions at this point. If I could get 2000 for half price, I may have been interested…

Another con, they don’t use vignettes. Johnny has a good point, I admit, but I guess personally I find Finquiz better in regards to testing the whole curriculum. Given Johnny’s pension post, I would bet he doesn’t need any further review. : ) But, for those who do, Finquiz gets it right.

I passed level 2 in 2008 but by the look of the sample mock question, i’m pretty much impressed.