Finquiz essay quizzes

Has anyone used finquiz essay quizzes? How is the quality of it?

I bought them last year and they saved me (I just passed). They are full of typos yes, but the quality of the questions is very high and goes in details which are actually tested. Multiple questions of the mocks were almost identical on the actual exam.

i’ve seen finquiz qbanks and mocks and i have to say that they’re the most unlikely set of questions to appear in the actual exam. however, i would also say that it gives you a better grip of the topics because of the tough questions. you dont have to get the answers right when taking the qbanks and mocks, you can go straight to the explanations

I did their mocks and qbank… 80% of them are over the top in terms of difficulty. Some of it was good quality. I would use them as a secondary source if you run out of mocks and qbanks.

And what about the konvexcity question banK?

It is really weird how reviews on mocks, providers etc… on the AF can be very much contradictory!

they are hard as fuck. Skip and go with Konvexity

Didn’t tried finquiz for L3 because never got to the practice phase, but for L2 their questions were unnecessary hard as fuck. However, if time is not a constraint, I will go for them :frowning: