FinQuiz for L3

I apologize in advance as I know that you guys are still waiting for your L3 results, but FQ is offering their early bird discount (60%!) which ends this month so I have no choice…

Anyone use their Q-bank, Smart Summaries, Mocks &/or notes for L3 prep? If so, what are your thoughts? I know there are older threads on this topic, but I want more current opinions as I feel like it’s picked up more customers over the last year. Did you find it beneficial and if so, any specific product of theirs?

I purchased it for L2, but didn’t utilize all of it; however, it was still cheaper to buy the whole thing for $160 than just the q-bank which is what I primarily used. Thanks in advance for your help & wish you best of luck with your upcoming results.

P.S. GOOD TO FINALLY BE HERE :slight_smile:

i dont get why they are out already given the 2014 curriculum has just been released?

CFAfatso - Congratulations on your result :slight_smile:

I have used FQ for L2 and L3. I used FQ extensively in Level2 and always found them good. For L3, their usage is kind of limited actually. But still worth have their good summaries and qbank for the PM session. Notes are kind of ok for all the topics except the Portfolio Management side which I strongly believe has to be read from the CFAI text only. (Not sure if Schweser is good here though)!

Hope this helps you make a decision.

And thanks for the wishes!

sooraj could i have your email ID?

Dont want to leave my official Id (with the institute) here :slight_smile: If you have a secondary email Id, pls drop it here and I shall send you an email.

ok lemme see if i have another ID

I used them for L2 which I passed on the first go and L3 (waiting…). However I used them on top of using the official curriculum. Overall I though their material were a really good complement to my study.

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Exactly! This is how I used Finquiz as well.

any views on the mock exams? are they any good for practicing for the morning paper? how are they relative to schweser?

I almost bought the finquiz mocks for L2 but held back as I heard that there were a lot of mistakes on some of the more complex topics and I felt that inaccurate mocks would be more of a hindrance than a help in the final month before the exam.

Yes there are some inaccuracies in the exam keys and thats the single big complain Ive against Finquiz. I would do finquiz mocks only IF I finished all the available old mocks from CFAI…

I found that finquiz L2 mock exams where good. There may have been some inaccuracies, but by the time I did the mocks they were already corrected.

I did Schweser, Elan and Finquiz L2 mocks and I believe Finquiz mocks were more challenging.

I also used the FinQuiz Qbank and the Mocks…and the EOC Item sets in addition to CFAI BB and EOCs. I was happy with the “Practice Only product”. Only issue I faced was unlike Schweser where you could create an exam and print it in hard copy, FQ didnt let me do that (it was all online) and even if you tried to print the customized Qbank tests, the formatting was just a hassle. However, they do have a limited set of Item set questions which are in PDF for download.

Ill be using them for L3.

thanks for the feedback guys. I might buy the mocks for Level 3 Does the 60% early bird discount also cover the practice package. I can’t see anything on their website about an early bird discount, just something about a 60% retaker offer.

Hi GringoBob. The discount code is posted on their website (in the article about pass rates). If you select the $400 package and enter code 60JULY2013 at checkout, the price adjusts to $160.

I wasn’t impressed about the quality of their materials at Level II (too many typos to be credible), but have heard fairly good things about their Level III prep so decided to give them a go at that price. Note that their materials won’t be released until September…

I bought the entire package for $160 even though I mainly only want the questions (which will cost $200 normal price anyways.) I think it’s a preorder… they’ll have it by the end of the year.

Maybe it’s just me but did anyone get anything out of their mocks? I don’t think I ever scored over 50% on any of them and I still passed L2 fine.

nice one, thanks guys. I might fork out for the package.

I hear the Level 2 mocks were extremely tricky.

I already bought the Practice only (first option with the Qbank which includes Mocks) regular price 250 for 100. Since I have already bought, it doesnt show me the entire listing of products anymore but you shoudl click on SHOP. I received an email with the discount code but try using the same one for the RETAKER promotion.

Good Luck.

Thanks everyone for your input - I’m still undecided, primarily b/c I’m not ready to start planning/preparing for L3 - sheesh, we just got our results, why the rush w/the crazy discount?! I know that I’ll be getting Schweser w/the video option (which is already like ~$1000) so even though FQ is only another $160, not sure what/how I’d use it in addition to the Schweser materials, which comes back to planning for L3 now :frowning: For L2, ALOT of ppl did hodge podge of providers (Elan Vids, Sch Notes, FQ Item Set Q-bank). Anyone do anything similar for L3 (used both FQ & Sch)?

P.S. Thanks @Sooraj! Will you pls shoot me an email - - want to touch base regarding L3/FQ. Thanks.