FinQuiz For Level 3

Your two cents on Finquiz for Level 3. I have heard mixed reviews, using them.

Used their qbank and mock exams for level 2. I was really impressed with their mock exams. the difference between them and schweser is they asked an ok # of left field questions . Plug in type of formulas that you either know or you dont but only cost 1 point in th exam type of question. Which helped in practicing these types of questions for this years lvl 2 exam… I do recommend getting their mock exams if they put as much effort into their lvl 3 exams as level 2… Check out their smart summarys too, they look like they can help in focusing on the big picture… No clue about their notes as I have not used them. I think it will be better to stick to the CFAI curruculum for level 3. Any one else use their Mock exams, smart summary,notes for level 3 ?

Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated!!

It would be great to hear the opinions of those who used them for Level 3 as a supplement to the core CFAI Books.

Using finquiz smart summaries & curriculum notes whiel preparing for LIII. Used their material in LII and found it impressive. Don’t know about LIII mocks as they’ll be available by next year April I guess…