FinQuiz: How do I access purchased material?

I recently purchased the Premium Package for Level III by FinQuiz (

When I log in using the link at the top-right of the home page, I reach a dashboard. Here, I see things like Organizer; Account Settings; My Tests; and others, but NOT the purchased materials, i.e. curriculum notes, summaries, questions and mock exams.

For anybody who used Finquiz: How do you access the prep material?

yes i had the same issue… basically go to “start test” then you see the pdf links which are the curriculum notes and summaries. on the same page you can create “tests” by clicking on the readings you want to be tested on and there are some more option at the bottom of the page. These tests will then be accessible in “my tests” page

i was thinking about getting the LIII sample test (i have 30% off coupon), does anyone have experience with finquiz, is it worth it?