FinQuiz Level III Material

Hi all,

After reviewing last year’s posts, it appears FinQuiz usually has major sales on their products. i.e. offering major discounts. Does anybody have any insight if and when those discounts will be available this year? I am slowly working through CFAi materials and definitely need a supplement.

Thanks in advance

CFA prep providers typically offer discounts just before the exam (sucking in last-minute crammers who are freaking out in May) and just after the exam results are released (attracting the early bookworms in August/September who are looking for supplemental material).

I think January through March is their “prime time” – this is when they can maximize their total profits by not offering any discounts. Of course, it couldn’t hurt if you just called them up and asked…a customer service rep on the other line might offer some kind of discount to make a quick sale.

With that aside, I think FinQuiz is the “best bang for your buck” in terms of what they offer for the price. I highly recommend their Smart Summaries (used them in conjunction with Marc’s study tips + materials, and passed).

Good luck.

That makes sense, thanks for your response.

Not sure about sales/promotions, but I’d concur with the cost/benefit argument with these guys. I bought their most basic (least expensive) package for L3 a few months ago, and have been very pleased with completeness and quality. Smart Summaries are solid.

Was looking at FinQuiz and pulled the trigger on today’s deal of 90% on the premium package (L2 for me). The code is FLASH90 and it appears to be a one-day deal. Figured risk/return profile on $40 looked pretty strong.