FinQuiz Mistakes

I think Im going to start doing the item-set questions finquiz provides to start reviewing some of the topics Ive gone through. Has anyone started doing these yet and found any mistakes I should be aware of?

I know typically there were a couple mistakes easy to spot in the level 2 item-sets, can only imagine I missed some of the harder ones to find!

Did you find any? Anyone else find mistakes in FQ notes/q-bank? I haven’t used their stuff yet, but hopefully a better experience than L2…I do hear they have essay questions to practice AM with so maybe there’s still hope.

I have found some and they tend to repy and make the corrections to their database. they have a lot of questions to practice which is where I see the value…but granted there are a few mistakes in the question bank

I have found a couple in the PDF item set things, but not too many yet. Some strange wording and 50/50 answers for sure. But Guille is right, their real value is how much material they throw at you for such a cheap price.