FinQuiz Mock exams

Anyone out there tried FinQuiz mock exams ? I find them terribly hard ! Fact is i am doing my 5th mock and never managed to get over 50% !

It’s good to practice on a difficult exam but i find sometimes they do the max to trick you, either by playing on words, or implying facts… I’m not sur the real exam will be tricking us on wording.

Also, I almost never get the comprehension points, there is always a word hidden somewhere that changes the answer. If the real exam is like that, it means we have to memorize all the books which is quite impossible indeed. At that point, i prefer to take guesses on conceptual questions, i think i would have as much chances as studying them !

Any thoughts ?

I haven’t tried the FinQuiz mocks. I tried their problem sets a while back and thought they were brutal. I shelved FinQuiz questions and am focusing instead on learning the information to the level of detail required by the CFAI to pass.

You’re right, they are way too brutal. I think i will stop looking at FinQuiz mocks cause i am just loosing confidence now,

I will do like you, go back to the book, master the concepts as described there and get along with the EOCs and the official assessments / mock exam.

I like Finquiz. I also am not scoring well, but I feel like I am learning a heck of a lot each time. If I were to take a mock where I get pretty much all of it correct, then I feel like I am not learning and not using my time effectively. I will finish up with the CFAI mock. Hopefully I will score better on that and it will make this current pain feel worth it.

What is your or anyone else’s opinions on the QBank compared to others?

Yeah, I’ve also been getting shredded on the FinQuiz mocks, but I’m grading them as I go, question-by-question. When I got every question wrong on a quant section, which is an area I feel great about, I knew something was up. The guys who make the tests aren’t professional standardized test writers, but I’m in the same camp as pmond where I feel like I’m learning a ton from them. I’m going to try to begin focusing on working faster as I work through the tests and eventually use the official material to work on timing.