Finquiz mock strategy

Level III Team,

I’ve gone through a lot of past forum posts of people complaining and whining about how obscure finquiz mocks are and how the questions are way too difficult and test minutia. Well here’s a strategy I am going to try and figured I’d share. Finquiz offers 6 mocks. I took my first mock last weekend and got a score I expected for a first mock. Before taking any other provider mocks why not take all the Finquiz mocks to get exposed to these obscure areas and perfect them and then the other mocks should feel relatively easier I’d assume. Relatively easier feeling mocks should equate to better scores which should equate to higher confidence. I could be absolutely wrong thinking this strategy will work and accept that (no self attribution bias here!) please feel free to bash my thought process, leave feedback, or share other strategies you have in mind.

I actually find Finq mocks pretty good! I took 2 of them so far… I think they’re equally as hard as Mark Meldrum’s mocks… ANd some of the Konvexity mocks are way out there too…

The easiest mocks are the CFAI so far!..

So far… my mocks completed:

Wow good stuff man! I have a very similar looking stack staring right at me every night. I agree with your last point. I took the 2010 and 2011 AM exams and for sure they are straightforward and didn’t find them too tricky!

Do you work full-time?

Yes I do. I even put in work for my job on weekends as well.