Finquiz Questions

Hi All,

So I probably have about 3 weeks left of going through material and now I am turning my focus to doing practice problems and mock exams for the last week of April and all of May. I am using Elan Guides and noticed that they stll have not posted all the practice questions. While I’m sure they will, I feel like I’m going to want more practice questions since I will be doing questions for more than a month straight. I heard the Schweser Q-Bank is a waste of time, so I was curious about the FinQuiz questions. It is $250 for practice questions and 3 mock exams, does anyone have any comments on the quality of the FinQuiz questions and exams?

I have the exact same question. I heard somewhere that FinQuiz has a good overall quality and supposedly is structured with the all-important item set format that we need but I haven’t been able to verify it! Hopefully someone can shed some light. Maybe we ought to ask at the L3 forum?

I posted it on the Level 3 forum to see if there is any response.