Finquiz Questions

Hi All,

Sorry for invading the Level III board, as I am a Level II candidate, but I wanted to see if anyone had any feedback for the quality of Finquiz practice questions for Level II. I currently use Elan, and will use their practice questions, but I will be done going through the material around April 20th and do strictly practice questions everyday until the exam. So I’m figuring I will run out of questions so I was looking for other sources of questions. If anyone can comment on the quality of the finquiz questions before I make the purchase I would appreciate it.

You’re using Elan and Schweser, right? You also have CFAI texts. Do you have practice tests that CFAI provides from recent years? You probably have over 10,000 questions already. I would focus more on revisiting the same problems you’ve worked before that you may have gotten wrong. You ought to have plenty out of your pool of questions. Get those tight. Especially constructed response questions, and IPS’s. Check in afterwards.

I have used for Level 2 (using for level 3) finquiz question bank.



  1. abundance of questions.

  2. Ability to print itemset questions separately - you dont need to be online.

  3. Test yourself based on a reading, rather than a study session.

  4. I personally thought it kind of represented (as much as any other provider does) the difficulty of the original exam. In fact their mocks for me (could be a personal feeling) were harder than Schweser.



  1. Non itemset questions, you can get a bit of junk. Junk in the sense, some questions which basically take out a random sentence from the CFAI text.

  2. Very small percentage of repetitiveness.

  3. Normal questions come in image format, so a little difficult sometimes. (Could be a personal feeling)

I personally like finquiz tests over schweser ones, because of the format (I am very finicky about this unfortunately).

But as Clark above has said, you already seem to have too much. If you are sure to complete them, then no harm going in for Finquiz. I never repented buying finquiz!! Hope this helps.

Appreciate the advice. I don’t have schweser, had it for level 1 and wasn’t a fan. I just didn’t take it off my heading, so I have Elan and the CFAI tests. I’ve done all the EOC questions so I wanted another group of questions to add other than the Elan questions and mocks and the CFA mocks. I’m leaning towards getting the finquiz, rather have more than less. If anyone else has opinions I’d appreciate the feedback

FWIW, I thought the Schweser Q-Bank and practice tests did a good job of preparing me for Level 2. Don’t know anything about Finquiz, though.