Finquiz really sucks

I don’t know why I ended up choosing Finquiz last year, even though I can’t blame them for not passing Level II, but certainly they didn’t help.

I bought Elan Guide this year. As I move along with ElanGuide, I can’t help blaming myself on using Finquiz last year. Elan Guide is MUCH BETTER!

There were a lot of errors in Finquiz materials. I can bear with typos, but errors in the formulas are just frustrating! Let alone their mock answers are full of errors too and I decided to abandon them after I did one Finqiz mock.

Hopefully Finquiz is getting better this year but anyway, I love Elan Guide’s materials so far- everthing is in a concise and clear format with plenty of examples, which make it easiler to understand. Their vedios are the best part… Peter Olinto is just awesome!

The only two things I’m not happy with Elan Guide are: 1. the delay in releasing their materials… It’s the end of January but some vedios and materials are still not released yet. 2. They don’t have a lot of practice quesions. They only have 2000 vs Schweser has 5000.

Hope Elan Guide will help me pass but we’ll see!

Hi buddy,

i totally agree that elan is just amazing!

So how far along are you with the readings. Have you done all the BB examples and cfai EOC ques.

also how are you performing on the elan questions ???


I feel both Peter and Basit are great. They know the material inside and out. Peter is full of energy and has got a good sense of humor, and Basit is very thorough and has a remarkable ability to teach complex concepts in a simple manner.

It also becomes obvious after reading from their guides, just how much effort they put into writing good notes. Their guides speak for themselves, and even more so at Level 2.

Elan is simply awesome!

I started in late December. Finished FRA and is on Equity now. 3 more big sections to go plus 2 that they haven’t released yet. Hopefully I can finish by Mid Feberuary. I’m about 1 week behind my schedule, struggling between studying, work and family responsiblities. Hopefully I can catch up during my time off from work.

I have been doing Elan Qs and EOC Qs. Done about 400 Qs so far. Averaged score 72%. It doesn’t mean much now. How much I retain the material at the end of the review counts. If I can still score in 70s in those sections after 1st review then I will be happy!

I haven’t hit any BB examples yet but plan on doing this at 2nd review.

How about you?

Agree. Hopefully I’ll have better luck with them!

I agree Finquiz sucks. So many errors in their practice questions/exams and they don’t have an erratum. I stopped using their question bank as soon as I discovered some obvious mistake in the answers. It’s not a reliable source for learning!

The Elan vids with Peter are awesome. The Elan vids with Basit put me to sleep.