Finquiz Scam?

Is Finquiz a scam? Found some mistakes in Finquiz… I think i might stop using it… english is also also poor and I’m concerned. Anyone else trying this qbank software? Thanks

I use Finquiz and I think it’s great. Questions are very thought provoking, although I don’t like the fact there are no vignettes.

Well, other than few grammatical mistakes, i was extremely impressed with the quality of their mock exam.

What have you used it for Soddy? I just bought the FSA (all sections)… thought it was great until a question really messed up the leverage ratio impact… then i lost confidence and now im a bit worried. What else have you used it for? Zain… it appears you might be a spammer for the product… so your involvement is hurting my confidence in it further… My main goal was to use it to fill in the holes Schweser Qbank had… but now im worried about disinformation.

I’ve used it for study sessions 3 - 14. However, i’m getting the most added value by targeting the readings that don’t have questions in the CFAI text. All the prep providers have a certain amount of errors. It’s just something you have to live with.

Yeah I do like some aspects of it… it doesn’t make sense that they would put a ton of effort into creating a scam product… no gain in that. Ok - thanks for the response… i just need to see if anyone else is using it since it isn’t one of the big dogs. Thanks

You’re right, Elixer. I’ve used it for about 3150 questions. I took their mock, which was wretched. Their Ethics section is horrible, downright subjective and not like anything you’ll see on the exam. That said, however, I’ve learned a lot from it “covering the holes” as a friend of mine said. I found about 20 questions with critical errors, and flagged them and reported them to the finquiz folks. I found their FSA stuff to be helpful, and thus far haven’t been critically injured on the 13 mock exams (3 hour ones) I’ve taken thus far…

I used the Ethics portion so far and took their mock. If you want to challenge yourself above and beyond what you will see on the L2 exam, I suggest you try their mock. I was pretty satisfied with their “Q-bank” questions.