finquiz study plan

has anybody had a chance of going through level 3 study plan? its available at

I don’t think anyone here will rely on finquiz practice problems if they want to pass. you have to use the curriculum. I assume that this is your site?

I used it for L2, the questions are good. I purchased the L3 questions and mock exam as well.

ZAIN, you and mitchells need to get off this site

NYCGorilla would you also like cpk with 5,282 posts to get off this site, given that he has praised finquiz on December 11, 2010? cpk123 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > The drilling of concepts considered unimportant > works in your favor in the long run. Ignoring > them, not drilling them enough causes you to spend > time trying to recall those concepts. So do not > ignore them. > > I used FinQuiz for the 2010 exam - and I did find > that it helps tie out concepts together. Any > source that does that, is useful, in my mind.

yes, get em off too! We dont like finquiz around here

NYC, please define the “we”…

Any source other than finquiz to get a study plan for L-3?

I feel finquiz does not do a good enough job to prepare candidates for the exam. As for ZAIN, why do you keep plugging it, What’s the deal? Perhaps, you should take NYCGorilla’s advice and lay low.

@AFK10 *yawns*