Finstructor Study Materials?

Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone heard of the Finstructor preparation materials? They offer like a 1000 FRM practice question for about dollars 100! What do you think of them? Hint, I am repeating the part I exam - i was with Schweser earlier; their books are COMPLETELY waste of time. They Qbank is good, but they wasted my time on their useless books and i failed, thanks Schweser! Anyway, ideas about Finstructor?

Tons of folks on this forum crushed FRM1 using Shwesser alone.

But the materials are only half of the equation. It the end, it’s you that actually needs to write the exam.

I haven’t heard of Finstructor, but please report back on whether your next attempt goes better.

This might be helpful in preparing for FRM paper 1 -