Fireworks Tomorrow

LEH “pre-announces” 3Q08 results and talks about “future” strategy. Please do stay tuned. Pimp am getting drunk while at work tomorrow. Please do join me.

I will be eating popcorn and watching the show.

sid3699 - I say we ditch work and head over to a nearby pub. You know where to find me.

Lets get drunk on holy ground, pimp. I think we have earned the right to do that.

Is it possible that the news is somewhat positive (or at least not as negative as expected)? I mean why would they move up bad news? On a side note: Does anyone think that the stroke (or whatever it was) that Kim Jong Ill had this weekend was related to the Korean bank’s pullout of the Lehman deal? Is it possible that the state-owned South Korean bank decided to hold tight until the the full story with a post Jong Ill North Korea played out?

Maybe the bad news is overpriced into LEH. Who knows now. If the news/results aren’t as bad as everyone has been thinking we’ll see a huge jump tomorrow. It will still be an interesting day tomorrow regardless.

well…I think it’ll probably be a jump! From what i’ve read…fuld is a fighter…and if there is only bad news to give…he would have tried and delayed it as much as possible in order to buy time to try and fix whatever he could… the fact that they’ve pulled results in early…probably means they have some good news to give out or say something that wil lend confidence to the market.