Firm Hierarchy

As far as I know the normal career trajectory is: Analyst < Associate < VP < Director < Managing Director Of course with the seniors and junior flavors in the middle. Is this the hierarchy at your firm??

Yes, exactly.

That is the structure here, except on the research side, titles can be screwy. There are only really two external titles (for business cards, etc…); Analyst and Associate. The analyst is the lead person, while an associate is anyone that doesn’t have their own coverage. We also have internal titles; Analyst (fresh out of college); associate (mba level), etc…, just like you posted. So, a managing director in research, while they may put “managing director” on their business card,is simply called an analyst.

That’s the typical heirarchy at all the banks. On the research side go with FIanalyst.

what are you talking about IB or Research?