First finance interview

Well, I’ve been accepted to my first interview for a 6 month internship in IB. I’m a first year undergard. The interview will take place at he start of april. I have knowledge of basic accounting (balance sheet, income, cash flow, WACC) and I know a little excel(I’m working on it these days). I have at home Rosenbaum’s book and a small guide about investment banking by Patrick Fearon… I know nothing about valuation and I don’t have the Excel models from Rosenbaum’s book or the workbook. The thing is that I don’t think that they’ll take into account that I’ma freshman.

This is the announcement : The firm is looking for a bright, motivated student with an entreprenurial spirit to join our team for a six month period. At this firm you will be exposed to a large spectrum of industries and various stages of the M&A process. You will support industry-focused bankers who originate and execute all sorts of deals with their clients including M&A, MBOs, LBOs and capital raising. Duties and resposibilities : gathering synthesising financial and operation info about companies, creating and updating financial models, gathering market data to analyse trends and help value and price transactions, drafting presentations and memoranda for a wider audience withing the firm and the financial industry; preparing precedent transactions and comparable company analysis and pitch books. Skill and requirements: you are presently enrolled in an undergraduate or postgraduate finance, business administration or accounting. you have strong analytical and numerical skills that put you at ease with financial data; you are results-driven and perform well under pressure, you possess superior computer skills(excel, ppt, desk research etc).

Does Rosenbaum’s book provide all the info I need for the interview ? I was thinking to do some research about basics of capital markets inveting,risk management and stuff but i’m not sure if the time allows me to. I’ve been stoned since I saw the announcement because IB in Romania is in a development process and there are not many opportunities like this. I really want to nail it.

PS1: Does any anyone have the excel templates and the exercices from Valuation, Leveraged buyouts and M&A ? I would be very grateful.

PS2:Regarding the accounting part, is there anything to know besides the balance sheet, income and cashflow statement ?

Check out the website mergers and inquisitions. I think the person who runs the site, is an AF member, so he might give you some tips here. Don’t quote me on this, but I think they have an LBO example, and other valuation related information.

At the very least it will give you an idea of the IB world.