First full length practice exam

I completed my first full length CFAI mock exam today. Here is my score breakdown:

AM 63%

PM 63%

It seemed a bit difficult, I noticed several of the questions was asking for a small fact that i had learned. I will have to review my notes and start the flash card making process. How do those scores seem? Has anyone else taken CFAI mocks yet?


I have taken it. The problem is that I have noticed that multiple questions were repeated from the Q bank on the CFAI website so my grade is biased upward. Hopefully, this does not happen for the second mock. Based on what I have read on this forum, 63% is a good start. Keep doing questions and hammer down your weaknesses.

I hope so! I’d rather have that downward bias! Likewise!

I got a 57%, got killed in quant and fra. But i guess a good place to start.

Onward and upward.

The good news is you have more than 3 weeks to review weak areas. I’d be a bit worried if those are the mock scores a week before the exam.

Hey guys can you please share your flashcards making process, and if you think that if I start making them by the end of this week will itt be too late?

Thank you