first interview-what to prepare and more

so i have my first interview this coming week at a big4-m&a(tax). what exactly as a fresher could they ask me? 1)tax specific questions 2)HR questions like why u want to join us,ur strengths and all that crap 3)questions about general economic conditions and business awareness 4)questions based on my resume 5)anything else(plz mention) also would i be able to bargain about the pay? i got to the interview via a referal and he told me they have been looking for some1 for 3 months now almost…also from the telephonic conversation they looked desperate and wanted the interview to be held ASAP. so can i use this to bargain? if yes,do i talk about the pay with the manager or the partner? p.s-inteview will be held in two parts-first by manager,then by partner.

  1. Yes. I hope this is stuff you know.

  2. Yes. And not crap. Be sure you can tell your story and mold your story into their needs.

  3. Maybe, maybe not. Better brush up to be sure.

  4. Yes, I think they will ask you a question stemming from your resume.

No bargaining with pay. Big 4 is structured. You’re not the only dick looking for a job. There is always someone hungier, more qualified, and cheaper. Just depends on how long they want to spend finding said person.

I thought everyone in the Big 4 M&A tax groups were tax attorneys.

okay thanks… so since there starting pay is less than what other corporates pay, does big 4 offer higher escalations if they are happy with my work? other than pay 4,what is it like to work for big 4?

dnt know…but the managrr interviewing me is a c.a and c.a’s are allowed to act as tax attorney in lower courts here

I have no idea. It’s up to the partners. If they don’t let you eat, you don’t eat. From my experience they like to stay at the top of the pryamid and keep the ankle biters at bay.

OOC - What is an “M&A Tax” group?

I know what M&A is. I know what Tax is. I’ve never heard of “M&A tax”.

^ ever hear of business combinations, equity method, and other consolidations? L2 son.

One of AFs own is going to be MnA’in on the Tax Side. BSD.

In my experience, they do a lot of work with PE firms structuring transactions to be as tax efficient as possible.

OK, I’ll take your word for it. I’d just never heard of it before. Seemed like an odd pairing.

And it seems like they’d start a person in M&A or in Tax, then train them to do M&A Tax. Sounds strange that they’d start someone in that role.

(I speak from having absolutely zero experience in Big 4, M&A, or “Big” Tax.)

Let’s not forget purchase price allocation and ASC 805.

i recall some1 here mentioning that u have worked for a big 4 and i was expecting u to provide more insight on what really happens in m&a tax

p so is that a good dept to be working in…taxes do interest me but i dnt want to be doing them for the rest of my life…my plan is to get a couple of years experience at a respectable place and go to a target mba


ASC 805 is for book, not tax.

Big 4s all have an M&A tax group. I know a guy that got promoted to partner in it. I think it is in fairly high demand.

thanks…u made my day…could u elaborate what would be my duties as a fresher?

^ I have no idea what the interview process is like. I should have said “I know of a guy.” he’s by no means my good friend or anything.,7_KO8,26.htm,3_KO4,22.htm,2_KO3,17.htm

so the interview went okayish…they asked all tax related stuff…i was able to answer around 70% of their questions right…i was the only interviewee…