First interview with a investment mgmt firm. Advice?

I landed an introductory interview with the Chief Investment Officer at one of the largest firms in my city. After the interview, they are giving me a case study in which i have to complete over the weekend. After that, I present the case study to them.

I am super unfamiliar with this and was wondering if anyone had ever experienced something similar before and has any advice. Or if just any of you have any kind of advice for me, I would be super grateful. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed.

A little background on me: I don’t have any relevant experience, but I have level 1 and a bachelors of science in finance, 3.95 GPA, summa cum laude, from a non target school.

What does the case study ask for, a company analysis/ valuation?

Advice? Don’t ■■■■ it up.

If your interview was with the CIO, I presume he knows you have education rather than relevant experience. So he wants to see if you’re trainable. Your case analysis needs to be comprehensive and all of your conclusions backed by research/citable evidence, regardless of whether anyone actually agrees with your conclusions.

It’s show time! I got my current job by doing a pretty comprehensive analysis, pretty similar process as yours.
My advice: 1) give it your 110%, even though there’s a real chance that this leads to nowhere and it might be difficult to motivate yourself to put in a ■■■■ ton of hours during the 2 days.
2) the analysis doesn’t have to be perfect, but you must show promise and especially, will and motivation.

It would also be helpful to know what kind of analysis you’re working on.