First post.

There is a general section for CAIA!

I am taking L2 next september. When are you taking sub?

I’m taking L2 in March. This new forum is so exciting.

4th post

storko, you best not be too wise, or else I’ll devastate you with a haiku

boy o boy o boy o boy [an excited little puppy running around peeing all over a new, big, empty house]

Merry Christmas, a new forum.

Nike Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Merry Christmas, a new forum. add to it a Happy New Year!

Hippy hoppy happy New Year!!Finally a separate forum…now for FRM to be up and running…

doing level 2 in march if i can find time.

daj224, I was wondering when you’d finally post on this forum.

Doing Level 1 in September 2009. Writing CFA-L1 in June 2009. Busy busy. I guess I am behind everyone here who are already starting (and as of tomorrow), done CAIA. Congrats to those who complete the program. Is there anyone here looking to write in September?